Hello, we are “tuulenkantajat”!

Our organization was founded during the heart of the Nordic summer, with our headquarters located in the Finnish capital of Helsinki.

Who Are We?

Our full name is “Tuulenkantajat Ry – The Wind Bearers Association (TWBA)”. The Finnish word “Tuulenkantajat” translates to “Carriers of the Wind” in English. It’s a compound word formed from “tuuli” (wind) and “kantajat” (carriers). We have embraced this word as an energy source to drive significant pursuits and create a positive influence.

Our association is established by three women who aim to drive passion towards arts, culture, science and technology networking and commercial transfer between North Europe and China, especially those projects led by women. Since 2020, our primary focus has been assisting traditional companies, particularly those led by women, in transitioning to Web 3.0.

What We Do?


We drive cross-continental impact – we are the first and foremost platform that promotes both arts and technology acceleration networking and exchange.

“Recognising the need is the primary condition for design and technology.”


Here are our highlighted and most recent event photographs, arranged chronologically by date.

The 7th Division of the 2023 China Overseas Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Helsinki, Finland) was successfully organized by Tuulenkantajat Ry. Following intense competition, eleven startup projects from various tracks were granted an honorable prize, allowing them to advance to the Global Finals of the 2023 Overseas Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. These finals took take place in Hefei, Anhui, China, from the 22nd to the 23rd of October 2023. Notably, amongst Nordic and Baltic projects from our 7th division, Oskari Autti’s project “Holomons” and Sihai Luo’s project “Nanochip Materials” both tied for tenth place in the competition:

The 7th Division of The 2023 China Overseas Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Helsinki, Finland) hosted by Tuulenkantajat Ry. was held at Open Creative House on 12th Sep 2023:

Beihangtianhui came to Finland to carry out science and technology cooperation and exchanges visits. The Beijing incubation group also visited relevant innovation institutions and vehicles in Finland (Tuulenkantajat Ry in the pictures) and Sweden (SSE Stockholm School of Economics in the pictures) from 30th May to 7th June 2023:

Holomonster winning the Bronze Prize in the 16th Invention and Innovation Competition in Beijing in 2022 and participating in the China Trade Fair for Services in the same year:

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