The 18th Beijing Invention and Innovation Competition Notification

The Beijing Invention and Innovation Competition is a technology innovation event open to whole society. It is a non-profit activity and welcomes active participation from various innovative entities in all sectors of society.

  1. Competition Organizational Structure

Supporting Units: Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, ZGC Science and Technology Park Management Committee, Beijing General Union

Guiding Units: China Association of Inventions, Beijing Academy of Science and Technology

Host Units: Beijing Association of Inventions, Beijing Workers Technical Association

Exclusive Co-organizer: Beijing Beike Holding Co., Ltd.

Collaborating Units: Beijing Women’s Federation, Beijing Automotive Group Co.,Ltd, BBMG Corporation, Beijing Capital Agribusiness Group Co., Ltd, Beijing Intellectual Property Operations Management Co., Ltd., Tsinghua Tongfang Co., Ltd, Science Popularization Times, China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, ZGC Federation of Social Organizations, Beijing Green Industry Development Promotion Association, Beijing Business Incubation Association, Venture Capital Association of Beijing, Beijing International Science and Technology Cooperation Center, Global High-Tech Industry Investment Alliance, Beijing Innovation Alliance, Z- Park Rongzhi Specialized Robotics Industry Alliance, China-Asia Economic Development Association Export Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise Working Committee, Beijing Angel Online Business Service Co., Ltd., China Economic Publishing House “Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicles Yearbook”.

  1. Basic Format of the Competition

This edition of the competition is open to the entire society for the collection of technological inventions, innovations, and creative projects. Participants, please log in to the official website of the Beijing Association of Inventions ( for registration and application. The competition, through online registration, formal review, online announcement, and expert evaluation, will recognize and reward outstanding technological invention projects through three stages: preliminary, semi-final, and final.

  1. Award Categories
  1. “Invention and Innovation Award”: 230 awards, including 1 Special Award, 20 Gold Awards (awarding certificates and medals), 70 Silver Awards, and 139 Bronze Awards (awarding certificates).
  1. “Shortlisted Award”: Several awards, presenting certificates.
  1. “Special Awards”: Several awards established by organizations that focus on and support invention and innovation. These awards include certificates, trophies or medals, and monetary prizes. The specific categories for special awards are as follows:
  1. The “Public Innovation Award,” established by the China Association of Inventions, encourages the active participation of the general public in technological innovation.
  1. The “Innovator Award”: 40 individuals will be selected from participants who embody the spirit of dedication and excellence. Among them, 10 will be awarded the honorary title of Innovative Master Craftsman, 10 will receive the Innovative Person Special Award, and 20 will be granted the nomination for the Innovative Master Craftsman Award.
  1. The “Women’s Invention Award,” established by the Beijing Women’s Federation, encourages the involvement of women in innovation.
  1. The “ZGC Invention and Innovation Special Award,” established by the ZGC Social Organization Federation, encourages enterprises in the park to become leaders in industry innovation.
  1. The “Intellectual Property Operation Special Award,” established by Beijing Intellectual Property Operation and Management Co., Ltd., rewards projects with outstanding achievements in intellectual property operation.
  1. The “Potevio Intellectual Property Innovation Award,” established by Potevio Corporation, guides social innovation to focus on independent intellectual property rights.
  1. The “Employee Innovation Award,” established by the Beijing Workers’ Technical Association, encourages frontline workers to actively participate in innovative activities.
  1. The “Green Innovation Special Award,” established by the Beijing Green Industry Development Promotion Association, guides social innovation to support green industry development.
  1. The “Rongzhi Robot Special Award,” established by the ZGC Special Robot Industry Alliance, encourages innovative projects in the intelligent robot industry.
  1. The “NEC Youth Invention Innovation Award,” established by NEC (China) Co., Ltd., motivates young students to cultivate an innovative spirit from an early age.
  1. The “Beixin Zhicheng Intellectual Property Innovation Special Award,” established by Beijing Beixin Zhicheng Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd., encourages various innovative entities to focus on independent intellectual property rights.
  1. Several “Project Organization Awards”: To encourage institutions to organize inventive innovation projects for participation, the organizing committee awards the “Bole Award” and “Excellent Organization Award” to units that actively organize, carefully select, provide complete information, and present excellent projects.
  1. “Media Promotion Award”: Rewards media communicators who extensively publicize outstanding inventions and innovations in the competition and actively report on the invention and innovation activities of the competition.
  1. Entry Requirements
  1. Eligibility

Entities, groups, and individuals from all sectors of society with technological invention achievements and creative ideas are eligible to participate. There are no restrictions based on age, gender, region, or professional field.

  1. Content of Entries

Various technological invention innovations and creative achievements, including:

  1. Possess Independent Intellectual Property Rights: Projects that have been granted or have applied for invention patents, utility model patents, and computer software copyrights.
  1. Have Proprietary Technologies: Projects involving new technologies, new processes, new materials, as well as technological innovations, technological advancements, and the application of new technologies.
  1. Creative Solutions: Technological and creative projects that involve self-designed solutions with clear implementation plans.
  1. Requirements for Entries
  1. The entries should represent new inventions, technologies, products, designs, or creative concepts completed by individuals or entities in recent years, demonstrating innovation, novelty, and practicality.
  1. Entries must have clear intellectual property rights and should not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others. If the patent rights of the project are not held by the participant or include non-participants, the consent of all patent holders must be included in the entry documents.
  1. Entries must comply with the current laws and regulations of China and be conducive to promotion and application.
  1. Entries related to pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, and medical devices must comply with relevant regulations of the competent authorities or provide technical (product) documentation, such as patent certificates, patent specifications, or technical (product) appraisal documents (or expert opinions), product manuals, production permits, etc.
  1. Projects that have won awards in previous Beijing Invention and Innovation Competitions but have not shown innovative improvements or significant progress in results transformation will not be eligible for awards in this competition.
  1. International projects must submit corresponding Chinese-translated materials along with their registration.
  1. Registration Methods and Notes

This edition of the competition adopts the method of registering through the official website.

  1. Log in to the official website of the Beijing Association of Inventions ( 
  1. Click on “Start Registration for the 18th Beijing Invention and Innovation Competition,” read the registration notice, and enter the registration system.
  1. Registration: Fill in the relevant information and complete the registration process.
  1. Application: Log in to the registered account and submit the online application.

Complete the “Registration Form for the 18th Beijing Invention and Innovation Competition for Units (or Teams or Individuals),” upload relevant documents (see details below), submit, electronically sign the self-discipline commitment letter, and click “Submit” after verification. Upon successful completion of the formal review and the generation of a competition number by the system, the online registration is considered successful.

  1. The required uploaded documents include:
  1. For projects with patent applications pending approval, a complete set of patent application documents must be provided. For projects with granted patents, the patent certificate and a complete set of patent application documents are required. For projects without patent applications, the technical proposal of the project must be submitted.
  1. Other relevant technical documents for the participating project, including but not limited to project PPT, videos, and photos.
  1. Information about any awards received by the participating project, as well as product quality inspection reports, customer feedback, product sales agreements or orders, technology transfer, cooperation agreements, media coverage, etc.
  1. The deadline for registration is 5:00 PM on February 18, 2024.
  1. All materials submitted for the competition will not be returned under normal circumstances. Participants are advised to make their own backups.
  1. During the competition, projects that pass the formal review, enter the semi-final, and reach the final will be publicized. The winners of the Invention and Innovation Award will be announced. These three stages will lead to the public disclosure of corresponding project information.
  1. For projects applying for or granted patent rights, a document confirming the consent of all patent applicants to participate in the competition must be attached.
  1. The Beijing Invention and Innovation Competition is a non-profit activity and does not charge any participation fees.
  1. The organizing committee of the competition reserves the final interpretation rights for the above content.
  1. Notes for Completing the Registration Form
  1. All information on the form must be filled in truthfully. Any false information will result in legal responsibilities borne by the participant.
  1. The project name should be concise and clear, providing a summary of the project content without being overly lengthy. Unit names or advertising slogans should not be used as project names.
  1. When selecting the technical and application fields, accuracy is essential.
  1. The project overview should be filled in concisely according to the column prompts, with a focus on highlighting the differences and innovative aspects of the reported project compared to similar projects. Unclear descriptions may impact the project evaluation scores.
  1. Registration Period and Contact Information

Registration Period: November 10, 2023, to February 18, 2024 (based on successful online submission).

Office Location: Beijing Invention and Innovation Competition Organizing Committee Office (Beijing Association of Inventions)

Address: 16 Xizhimen South Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, 803 West Building

Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Closed on statutory holidays)

Postal Code: 100035

Official Website of Beijing Association of Inventions:

Registration Link:


Inquiry Hotline: 010-68337026 / 68356829 / 68460840

Beijing Invention and Innovation Competition Organizing Committee

November 2023