The China Overseas Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition serves as an innovation project competition specifically tailored for Nordic participants. Organized by China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and local governments in China, this competition aims to showcase original, innovative, and cutting-edge high-tech projects from overseas talents in the Nordic region. It serves as a platform to exhibit the latest scientific and technological achievements and products while fostering connections and providing opportunities for elite Nordic talents to establish entrepreneurial ventures in China.

This competition aims to implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress and the Central Conference on Talent Work for the New Era. It seeks to leverage CAST’s role as the main channel for private foreign science and technology communications, stimulate the innovative vitality of talents both domestically and internationally, and gather original and pioneering high-tech entrepreneurial projects.

In 2023, CAST will host the China Overseas Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition on a global scale, with a special emphasis on attracting participants from the Nordic region.

With the theme “Share the Development, Create the Future,” the competition will establish 12 overseas divisions. As a co-organizer of this event, ITTN (International Technology Transfer Network) will host 5 overseas divisions, namely the American, South and Southeast Asian, Asia-Pacific, Western European, and Nordic divisions. As the Nordic Division, our goal is to attract a greater number of high-quality overseas institutions and projects to participate.

The projects shall primarily focus on “innovative technology.” Each project should clearly outline its intended model of cooperation, which may include, but is not limited to, the following:

Application rules:

  • The entrant can choose to participate either as an individual or as an entity and can only participate in one program. All entrants must comply with the laws of their countries of origin and the People’s Republic of China and must have a clean record without any criminal breach of trust or criminal offences.
  • All participating projects must adhere to the relevant provisions of domestic laws and regulations, industrial policies or plans. They should possess independent intellectual property rights related to products and technologies (free of disputes) or key technologies, and demonstrate significant innovation and commercialization potential.
  • The individual participant or the main representative of the entity should meet the following criteria: (1) hold a master’s degree or above (from an accredited institute) 2)Minimum 2 years of study experience, or minimum 1 year of working experience domestically or internationally.
  • Participating projects must not involve any state secrets, and a declaration of state secrets exclusion must be signed.


  • Extensive news media coverage domestically and internationally
  • The organizer will offer a subsidy for accommodation expenses to support the finalists’ participation in the Nordic finals taking place in Helsinki, Finland.
  • The organizer will provide a subsidy for airfare to facilitate the finalists’ attendance at the finals in China
  • Attendance right to International Promotion for Innovation in China
  • Financial support from local government talent programs
  • Feasible projects can receive China landing funds from 2 Million to 4 Million CNY

Review of the Competition:

Recommend projects:
We cordially invite relevant institutions both domestically and internationally to recommend overseas projects to participate in the Competition. Our aim is to establish a platform and provide services for overseas talents and innovation teams to start businesses in China.